A Tree House, Finally!

The Swiss Family Robinson attraction at Disneyland started my love affair with tree houses. The Ewok village in Return of the Jedi fueled the fantasy. Sadly, the trees around our home when then kids were growing up were all weak, wormy, dying, or not big to hold a tree house. Now, we live in a forest and there is a group of four, solid, big, old firs in the front yard that would do the job perfectly. I can just imagine what our four grandkids will do with a tree house of their own. Maybe it will become a club house where popsicles could be enjoyed while adventures are planned. It could turn into a natural history museum with exhibits of collected sticks, rocks or flowers. Perhaps it will be a quiet spot to read a book or watch birds feast at the feeder dangling from the deck.

It’s snowing; the perfect time to plan and dream. When spring comes, we will start digging holes in the our rocky soil, and pour cement around wooden support posts. Exactly what it will look like? Well, that’s part of the process. I know we have to figure in a trap door, a crows nest, a bucket pulley system and a deck for star gazing. And I know, for sure, it needs to be big enough for at least two grandparent visitors.

P.S. Caveat to my daughters: SHHHH, this is for real and it’s a surprise!


6 thoughts on “A Tree House, Finally!

  1. SO WONDERFUL! I’m a little envious of your children, but more than that I’m thrilled for them. We just moved from a wooded lot to a lovely home with…no great trees. A tree house was something our children expected when their youngest brother was 5 but…now we can’t deliver. I hope you can! Sweet slice.


    1. Thanks Kate. i’m hoping I remember how to swing a hammer and don’t do too much squishing damage to my fingers in the process. My daughter, who is also a new slicer, will be visiting from Thailand with two of my grandchildren. They will be here in early June so I have that extra impetus of a deadline. I think I’m most excited about the crows nest and the trap door, but the reality of doing the framing and the digging is going to be interesting.


  2. I’m just thinking of all the adventures to be had in your tree house! I had a playhouse my grandpa built for me when I was little, and while it wasn’t in a tree, my brother and I had so much fun playing and using our imaginations in it! Your grandchildren will, too!

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