5 o’clock morning
New snow
It happened so fast
Hidden ice
Very sore but ok


my sense of humor must be returning. I keep thinking I’m luckier than Ogden Nash’s “Pickled Bug”


11 thoughts on “Ice

    1. And I love following your adventures and I feel like you are in the middle of my generation and that of my younger daughter. I’m in the Pacific Northwest and she is, in wouldn’t you know it, Min-burREE. I don’t suppose to make the world even smaller you are teaching at Ruamrudee?


  1. A fall? Ugh! (Isn’t there a quite famous quote about pride going before it?…haha!) I am glad that you are okay and that your humor is returned! I hope tomorrow won’t find you sore (that’s always what happens to me when I do battle with the ice and the ice wins!)

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    1. Pride ( yes indeed thinking how clever I was to swipe huge armfuls of snow from my car ) and a Springer spaniel puppy Who thought the cascading car-snow was something he should try and catch… And me with the leash on the puppy… And then, crash! As for sore, definitely but washing down ibuprofen with a decent glass of red wine is a go to strategy that I hope will help.

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