Invisible Basket at my Feet

Sometimes it overflows and sometimes it’s forgotten, that invisible basket at my feet. It’s where I mentally put all life’s littles and bigs I want to let go of–the stuff I can’t change. Whereas my mom lived by “TTSP” (This Too Shall Pass), for me it’s putting a growing assortment of stuff “in the basket.”

The older I get, the fuller it gets. It’s the letting go of a need to control or fix that which I just can’t change– instead, I put it in the basket.

It’s not checking out.

It’s finally starting to find a bit more tolerance, to put it in the basket instead of being so quick to judge It’s being able to admit I don’t know what I don’t know and put feeling inadequate or dumb in the basket

It’s  believing the true successes are the everyday little joys, not a perfect grade point or being the one who get this or that very forgettable award. (That one felt really really good to throw, no hurl, in the basket.)

It’s listening to my dear Steve, and dropping a worry about something I just can’t change, dead center in the basket.

It’s making myself hum “ Let it Be, let it be, speaking words of wisdom…” when I get annoyed at stupid little things, and then, it’s in the basket.

I love my basket. It gives me the grace to be more patient, to breathe deeper, to feel more peaceful and to be kinder to myself and to love my getting simpler, richer days.

What will hopefully never creep into the basket: awareness, appreciation and compassion


12 thoughts on “Invisible Basket at my Feet

  1. This is similar to how I deal with things. At the end of each day, all the worries get tucked in to the back of my mind and then it is time to start again! I like that you sing “let it be” as well – very calming song.


    1. When I worked in the hospitals I would always pause outside our back door before going inside. I would mentally peel off the challenges of the day and hang them on our old black oak tree. It’s a wonder I didn’t kill the tree.

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