Kindness Hunt

Kindness. Goodness, but we need all we can get, NOW! I refuse to let the phrase “random acts of kindness” become a watered down, trite saying that is so “yesterday”. It feels good to both receive and do small, humanesses (no it’s not a word, but you get the idea.) Amy Krouse Rosenthal, whose death was announced today–you know, the amazing author with terminal cancer who wrote the column in the NY Times called “You May Want to Marry My Husband’,” among many other things was a master of kindness. She hung dollar bills on trees. Damn, I wish I had thought of that! I consciously want to do more little acts of compassion, and will as I think of them. I am asking for help, because I know I am not alone. I have started by writing a short, incomplete list of random and not so random gestures I have seen, experienced or done. Please add to my kindness hunt and pass on what speaks to you—it’s an easy way to make the world a little kinder, almost instantly.

1.Write a real letter on paper and mail it 2.Pass on a book you love to someone who you think will like it  3. Compliment a friend in front of others  4. Wipe out the sink in the airplane restroom for the next person  5. Buy gloves at the Dollar store and give them to someone who needs them  6. Listen, really listen, don’t interrupt  7. Let someone into traffic  8. Give a a cup of hot chocolate to cold farmers market vendor  9. Let the person behind you at the market with just a few items go ahead of you  10. Pick up one piece of litter you didn’t drop  11. Call your in-law, parent, friend, whoever, just to check in and say I love you   12.  Hold open the door for the person behind you   13.  Cook a meal for a friend or family member to come home to on a really busy day  14. Write thank you notes on real paper and mail them  15. Buy lemonade from the neighbor kid’s stand  16. Be kind to yourself: write 3 things for which you are grateful 17.  Turn off your cell phone when you are having a conversation  18. Bring your significant other flowers, just because  19. On May Day leave a small bouquet on an elderly neighbors porch  20. Donate stuff instead of saving things in case you will need them in 10 years   21. Stick a positive note in your child or partners lunch  22. Help a friend move 21. Offer to help a friend unpack   22. Return the cart to the front of the grocery store   23. Donate a sick day to a colleague in need  24. Give a piece of fruit or hot drink to the delivery person  25. Bring a box of cookies to the tow truck company who rescued you in a snow storm  26. Buy a box of Girl Scout cookies or a muffin at an animal shelter fundraising table   27. Leave a tip in a street musician’s jar   28. Buy an extra bag of dog food and take it to your animal shelter 29. Leave a container of hot soup on the front seat of your home helpers car. 30 Hang dollar bills in a low hanging tree.



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