The last place I thought I would be writing-sitting-writing today was Ashland Hospital; the nature of a medical emergency is it usually is a nasty surprise. Our dear friend T. is now being well cared for, but that’s not what I’m thinking about. I’m thinking about how grateful I am to live in a community that with one phone call there is set in motion a layered support system which demands no requests for help, no worries about keeping the home-front or pets or kids cared for. People just do.

-A good friend who lives nearby brought hot chicken soup… (That should take care of breakfast for the support system.)

-Not to worry, We will take doggie L. for a long long walk.

-I’m on the road and I’m bringing bagels

– We will pick up sweet daughter D. at the airport.

-I’m on sending out updates to friends

-Go home for an hour, get a shower, hug your puppy, tired wife of T. I promise I’ll call if anything happens

So many reasons I’m grateful for our community but the irrefutable #1? That’s easy :




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