Mary’s Rolling Pin

It’s one of the few things that survived the fire– my grandmother’s birdseye maple rolling pin. Two feet long,  it actually glows with the patina of countless uses. The grooves and a knob on either end are thoughtful, comfortable places where I know she too rested her little fingers. I have no idea how old or big it’s birth tree was –the grain is vertical on this treasure –but I do know it was milled over a 100 years ago. I can only imagine the pies she made.

I never even knew it existed until after my mother died. Alice, mom’s best friend-army-nurse-tent-mate been given the pin by my grandfather. She kept it, rolled with it for many years and passed it to me when she became too old to use it. One day it will go to my oldest daughter who carries Mary’s name. It’s just a chunk of wood, but it’s a true family heirloom, unlike a lot of expensive stuff people hold onto and never use, or buy in excess, or think they need. Move over Mastercard, this spotty well worn stick is the real definition of priceless.


11 thoughts on “Mary’s Rolling Pin

  1. I LOVE this!! I too have my grandmother’s rolling pin and love it! The smoothness really captured it – I know what you mean. Mine is a little smaller one with red handles – not sure of age. But you are absolutely right – a true priceless treasure. Great slice!


  2. Our kitchen is the heart of our home. Cooking with treasures brought back from our travels and with family heirlooms makes the process of cooking A chance to relive wonderful experiences and pass on family stories. Thanks for your comment.


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