Phone in the Oven

I used to put the phone in the oven. That was before cells and answering machines. The cold cooking space insulated us from family time interruptions, guaranteeing no tech peaceful dinners. This morning I decided I needed a break. I have had enough. I spontaneously proclaimed today “Unplugged.” No news feeds on my cell phone, no TV, forget the computer, no radio, facebook, texting, or email until sundown. No postcards to senators, no phone calls to representatives. I didn’t want to hear about it today. Today I recharged. I had a good dose of four-year-old to remind me how good life is–an uninterrupted day of Ally and me and the Nature Park and Thomas the Train and Skippy John Jones. I feel like my brain has been reset. My Techno-detox was a success. I made it all day and other than almost checking to see if April the giraffe had her calf, it was pretty darn easy. Easy enough I may do it all next week.


3 thoughts on “Phone in the Oven

  1. Love the title of your slice. Your writing reminded me that we can control our devices, not vice versa. To change habits, try shaking up routines to create new and different habits — even the risky phone in the oven one!


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