Slushy Curve

Our superhero suburu didn’t even flinch going around a snowy slushy curve but two minutes before, the people we were about to drive to Klamath Falls had a different experience. Their little Southern California Fiesta locked on the ice. The tree that shattered the passenger side of the car saved them from rolling down an embankment. As we saw them and stopped,the second of the passengers was crawling out of the smoking car. Chris, her lips were blue and she was shaking. She grabbed my hand and I helped her to the side of the road. A speeding log truck soaked us both with freezing slush and we first yelled in indignation and then we started laughing –the shock spiral was stopped. By the time we all made it to the tow truck rendezvous we had picked most of the glass shards out of Chris’s hair, exchanged addresses knew each other’s kids names and realized how fortunate they were to be OK. So so fast. An accident can happen so fast.


8 thoughts on “Slushy Curve

  1. Wow! What a story. It struck me most when you said that you both started laughing. That freezing slush had knocked you out of the “shock spiral”. Sounds like that truck may have been a blessing in the chilliest way.

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  2. We just happened to be the first car— anyone would have done the same ( except maybe for the log truck driver ). I’m glad we were there when we were– there have been many times in my life I have been the recipient of kindness from strangers. It was nice to be able to be on the giving end.


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