Slacking and Skiing

Two days in the car and no cell reception. I am a loving writing every day and will keep the commitment of doing so if at all possible, but The slice I have been composing in my head across Eastern Oregon and into the Sawtooth Mountains needs more time than I have before The deadline( especially  since I’m trying to figure out how to do this on an iPhone) . Therefore will just slice that we are in heart stoppingly  beautiful Sun Valley, Idaho , cut myself some slack and look forward to finishing my other slice for tomorrow, after what Should be a phenomenal day of skiing.


10 thoughts on “Slacking and Skiing

  1. I too am in the mountains for a ski trip (Montana) and dealing with deadlines. Give yourself the flexibility to enjoy this time away, and don’t sweat the deadlines…the trip is more important!


  2. The Sawtooth Mountains are so gorgeous. I have only visited Sun Valley in the summer, but skiing there is on my bucket list. Enjoy being unplugged!


  3. No wifi or cell reception makes it tough to slice…I’ve been there before! Glad you sliced, even if it was a tiny one. 🙂 Have fun on your trip! Take some pics to include in your slices about it!


  4. Ski adventures are indeed a process and that is what I love about them, or any adventures for that matter.
    Brian I really appreciate all of your support and your kind comments and good ideas. You have helped to make this process a stimulating exciting invigorating adventure.


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