The word “Bittersweet” never worked for me.   Conflicting double emotions should be called, “happy sads .”   Bitter sounds too harsh.  I  think of those  multilayered moments like seeing a rainbow during a thunderstorm . Sometimes, they are predictable–the stuff my pockets with Kleenex  occasions such as my children’s graduations moments.   Sometimes the intensity catches me off guard, like standing on the sidewalk waving goodbye as our daughter strolls confidently towards her college dorm, not looking back for a final wave. Sometimes they sneak up  unexpectedly,  like when  my grandson lets me know  it’s OK mom and dad forgot to pack Veggie (his go to stuffed animal )  for his overnight at our house. He can go to sleep just with his Ni-Ni.    However they reveal themselves, “Happy sads” are moments of change, two emotions colliding simultaneously, making me feel even more alive.


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