Wisdom+a virtual nudge=a really good day

I almost talked myself out of it. I sat on the couch through a first, then a second cup of strong coffee, wavering. After all, it was a legitimate waver…I am no spring chicken and it was flat light (I really don’t like flat light) snowy,cold and a bit windy. Indeed, it was legitimate to think about staying in a cozy condo, in front of the cozy fire, reading a cozy mystery, thinking how nice it is to be ….cozy. And then came the call from halfway around the world and my very wise (and probably really really Thailand hot and sweaty) daughter said, “Mom! just go. I promise you tonight you will not say to yourself I’m sorry I went skiing in that cold miserable rotten weather.

I went and it was grand–in a stoic sort of way, better than had it been a bluebird day. Actually, it was better than grand, it was invigorating and made me feel once more I won a little battle with father time.

P.s. I did call my daughter and told her she could say, “I told you so.”


6 thoughts on “Wisdom+

  1. What a perfectly timed phone call. You never know who is going to give you great advice at the exact time it is needed. Glad your day turned out stellar. I’m sure you ended your day cozy and tired enough to sleep like a baby.

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