Self Talk Time


First : panic ( February is over? It’s March?)

Second: resolve ( I will plunge into Slice of Life year 2)

Next : inspiration ( What better allegorical pairing than an unexpectedly snowy drive and my slide into SOL, season 2,)

Finally: Reality check: what was I thinking—it all seemed so obvious 10 hours ago.
Reality—something is better than nothing—here I go.


It stomped in on cats paws. It’s not that I didn’t know it was coming, but BAM—all of a sudden–an irrefutable blizzard confirmed it’s presence with 8, or 9, or maybe even 12 inches of heavy, heavy snow. The extra time factored in to avoid being late for my babysit-the-grandson stint suddenly seemed woefully inadequate. This is what signed up for—every Tuesday and Thursday come rain or shine or blizzard—I must remember to chalk  this commitment up to momentary insanity.

I pulled on every bit of mountain gear and summoned every bit of mountain resolve. It’s here; first challenge of the morning. It doesn’t look too impossible if tackled with authority. Self talk time: look ahead and don’t be distracted by snow clumps careening down from over-flocked trees. Stay strong. Anticipate icy patches but don’t let them daunt you. Don’t focus on the ditches, and don’t hesitate; if the drifts look a little scary, hit the gas. You can do it. Your Suburu can do it ( gads I feel like a commercial).

The first hurdle: making it out of the driveway— that first plunge, shrouded in the anticipatory fear of getting stuck before even making it up and out to our very unplowed road. What was I thinking. It all seemed so easy, so doable. Will I ever become more prudent before committing to dubious adventures?

Hey! That wasn’t as hard as I though. I just had to get going. Yup, feeling pretty good about my slightly slippery but overall successful plunge into the snowy abyss that was, but hours ago, our peaceful country road. Steady now—do this at your own pace. Push your comfort level just enough that you don’t get stuck. Just need to make it to the highway–the beautifully plowed, sanded highway. I almost can see the intersection. This may actually have been a little fun. Dare I say, I feel quite tough and brave? Onward!

Oh my! What is that I see in my not very distant future? I do believe that snowy white, unmarred, unplowed, unsanded ski slope-like dragon back was our Highway 66. No problem. I forded the drifts once already; I can do this. And I can do it tomorrow, and the next day, and the next….with the help of a plow (and a quill).

4 thoughts on “Self Talk Time

  1. Nice to hear your voice again. It seems like the later in the season the snow comes, the less I have the resolve to tackle anything about it. Perhaps it’s because there are so many nice days between the snowy ones.


  2. Glad you’re back…can’t wait to read your slices again this year! You made me nervous with your slice. Being from Texas, I haven’t really driven much in snow, and it scares me to death. Glad you made it. You are much braver than me!


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